Omar von Muller is one of the most respected and successful animal trainers in the country. He is the trainer of Uggie, a Jack Russell terrier famous for his roles in Water for Elephants and The Artist. Widely known for the incredible performances of his dogs, his training skills are legendary in the motion picture and television industries.

Omar von Muller and Uggie

Muller as a teenager, started training dogs for friends, family and himself. As his experience and success grew, he began to train professionally, concentrating on problem dogs for private individuals.

During this time, Muller also trained police and protection dogs as well as competed in the sport of Schutzhund and French Ring.

In 1993 Omar moved from Miami to Los Angeles where he began to train dogs for celebrities, and the motion picture industry.

As a freelance trainer Muller has worked hand-in-hand with most of the studio animal companies in the country. He has hundreds of credits to his name including the motion pictures The Italian Job, Four Brothers, Jackass 3D, and Water for Elephants. His greatest accomplishment is the role Uggie played on the Academy Award winning film, The Artist, receiving several awards worldwide including Uggie as the first dog to have his paw prints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Training dogs remains Muller's passion. Throughout the years, he has developed his own training techniques that can be applied depending upon temperament and demeanor. He uses these techniques and his unique friendship with dogs to train dogs for both the entertainment industry and private individuals.

At present, Muller resides in Los Angeles with his wife, two daughters, and his stable of talented canine actors.